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St. Patrick's Day

  • Clover & Discount

    For March we are offering a St. Patrick's Day themed discount. Sign up wearing Green and you get a discount for the month! That's right, your fashion sense can get you a discount. Any shade of Green will do. St. Patrick's day is even on a Thursday so we 5 classes that you can try out while wearing Green! Plus, your first class is still free! Try us out and get your Irish on! (and by Irish, I mean just wear Green)


    Fun fact: In the Wun Hop Kuen Do emblem there is a small 3 leaf clover. It symbolizes Professor Emperado. Each leaf in the clover means strong in spirit, mind, and body. Pictured below is not the emblem. It's a silly leprechaun with a clover. 





Contact Information:

Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts 4228C Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707 phone: 919-213-1705

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