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Current Students

I think I am ready for testing, but I am not sure.  What should I do?

Simply ask. There is no shame in asking about testing.  If you aren’t ready, we will help you coordinate a schedule so you will know when you will be ready to test.


I recently hurt my ____ on the job, but I don’t want to stop training.  What should I do?

Let us know of any injuries you have, whether acquired in class or on the job.  We’ll work with you to make sure you can continue training as best you are able. 


Do I have to buy my gear from Tactical Kung Fu, or can I go other places?

There is no requirement to buy your equipment from us, but it is often cheaper than purchasing at retail price.  The only items you must buy from Tactical Kung Fu are WHKD-exclusive items, such as the Redbook and uniform t-shirt.


Contact Information:

Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts 4228C Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707 phone: 919-213-1705

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