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Stuart Endo-Streeter, PhD

Si-hing in WHKD

Classes: Kajukenbo Kung Fu (Head Instructor), Forms, Sparring



Si-hing Stuart is the head instructor of the Kajukenbo Kung Fu program, holding the rank of 2nd degree black belt. He has trained in Kajukenbo/Wun Hop Kuen Do/Wu Hun Dao since 2003. Additionally, he has 2 years of experience in Hayashi-ha Shito-Ryu, reaching the rank of 5th Kyu, and 2 years of experience in Uechi Ryu Karate, reaching the rank of 3rd Kyu. During the day, Dr. Endo-Streeter is a staff scientist at UNC-CH. He earned his PhD in biochemistry down the road at Duke University.


Michael McAtee

Sifu in Kung Fu

Si-sook in WHKD

Classes: Kids Kung Fu, Stick & Knife, Cardio, Grappling

Subs: Kajukenbo Kung Fu, Forms, Sparring


Mike has been training at TKFMMA since 2009 and is a Brown Sash in Wun Hop Kuen Do. He is also a Black Sash in Xiao Zhang Kung Fu under Master Jeff Barnes. Mike studied martial arts for over a decade and learned many techniques from many instructors in many arts. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma on March 28, 2008. While he is now cured of this rare deadly cancer (a 1 in a 1,000,000 case), much of his prior memory was lost due to the tumor and treatment. At TKFMMA, he primarily focuses on the Filipino weapon-arts (Escrima/Kali), the youth program that he designed, the cardio program, and the grappling program. He is also the principal instructor (having taught over 2,100 times), business manager, and a co-owner. He has been teaching martial arts since 2010 and has a degree in Economics from UNC, which was earned while fighting cancer. 


Franckie Wyrobnik

(MMA Yoseikan)



Franckie has practiced martial arts since 2004, beginning with the Karate Goju Ryu style in which he earned a brown belt. He practiced Yoseikan Budo for five years and earned a first grade black belt. He also did one year of Muay Thai, one year of Krav Maga, two years of MMA training, and two years of self-defense training. 

Contest Awards:

Bronze medal in katas (forms) contest in Karate for a French regional tournament.

Silver medal in the city of Aix En Provence tournament in Yoseikan Budo (2nd in fight class intermediary).

Regional Champion of Yoseikan Budo (2nd in fight class intermediary, 2nd in technical demonstration, 2nd in Katas (forms), 3rd in stick fighting).

Bronze medal in technical demonstration at the French tournament of Yoseikan Budo. 



Contact Information:

Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts 4228C Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707 phone: 919-213-1705

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