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Pendergrass Win, 2010

This past Saturday, one of our students, Garrett Montoya won the local US Grappling Tournament; the Pendergrass No Gi Tournament

With this win, we also got third place as a team with points!


Kajukenbo Ohana Association Tournament in Vegas, 2008

In 2008, we went to KOA tournament in Las Vegas, NV and won big.


Anh Duong won Beginner's Lightweight Kickboxing, and got second place in Beginner's Grappling and First-Timers Forms and Point Sparring.

Sifu Jason Goldsmith won his division in 18-29 black belt Continuous Sparring, and went on to win the Grand Championships in black belt Continuous Sparring.

Sifu Al Dacascos with Goldsmith Kung Fu and MMA winners at the 2008 KOA tournament


In addition to the tournament, there was also a seminar and dinner banquet, where members of the Kajukenbo Ohana from around the world got to meet, train, and eat with each other. In particular, it was one of the largest gatherings of WHKD practitioners from around the world in a decade. A large group of German WHKD practitioners traveled to make the event and Sifu Mark Dacascos also managed to come on by.

KOA tournament pictures with Sifu Jason Goldsmith and Mark Dacascos



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