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Martial Arts Competition


Wun Hop Kuen Do is in general not geared towards traditional martial arts competitions, though it is suited for full-contact martial sports competitions, including MMA fights, kickboxing bouts, and grappling tournaments.  While competition is not mandatory nor expected of students, many students enjoy competing as means of testing themselves and their abilities, and to the extent that students are interested, Tactical Kung Fu and MMA will accommodate them through both coaching and finding and arranging tournaments for those students to attend.  In the cases of certain events such as MMA (mixed-martial arts) and full-contact kickboxing, regular training is mandatory, as is supplemental training outside of regular class with the other fighters.


In order to compete, a student should speak with Michael McAtee about his/her interest in competition and the types of events they would like to compete in.  From there, an agreement will me made as to if/when extra training will commence to prepare the student for competition, and a schedule of tournaments to attend will be drawn up through the input of both the Michael and the student.  Students will be expected to pay their own entry fees and any extra costs associated with an increased training schedule.


Tactical Kung Fu is willing to help prepare students for a wide range of competitions, including (but not limited) to those listed below.



  • MMA events
  • Grappling tournaments
  • Forms (unarmed and weapons)
  • Point sparring
  • Continuous sparring
  • Self-Defense events
  • Kickboxing


Contact Information:

Tactical Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts 4228C Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707 phone: 919-213-1705

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